From Gamification to Digital Games

From Gamification to Digital Games

The confidence of a group of investors in Knowledgebiz's excellence, namely in gamification, software development and cloud computing, originated a partnership that becomes a new business dedicated to the design and commercialization of digital online games: the company NEOBIZ Creative Games Studio.

What mobilizes this project is to take advantage of the market opportunity that resides in the fact that there are few companies in Portugal that provide online casino games and, thus, the offer of these games with themes of interest to the national market is very limited.

The Challenge

Knowledgebiz was responsible for the technological development of a first slot machine and its integration with online casinos or game aggregators. Since the company had no previous experience in the development of this type of game, the risk of carrying out this undertaking was seen by it with the same naturalness that it deals with the risk of technological innovation every day.

The Solution

The creation of a game that involved the development of a random number generator (RNG) and a game machine with specific rules, a given return to player (RTP) and capable of accommodating the multimedia elements that made up the game's theme. Finally, the integration of the game with an online Casino, developing a game server, an API and an office game.

A multivalent engineering team was assembled

The Approach

As there were several unique skills necessary for the development of the presented solution, a multivalent engineering team was assembled, composed of the Knowledgebiz professionals most apt in their areas of expertise.

The necessary competencies that did not exist in the company were supplied through external hiring. Thus, the internal team was joined by an external team of mathematicians and statisticians who could assist it in the important component of the mathematical model of the game. Other external professionals collaborated with her, who was responsible for the illustration and design of the game's theme. The moment has come for the game to be integrated into an online casino, it should be noted that the success of the game was greatly facilitated by the precious support given by the casino team to the Knowledgebiz team.

Cooperation between all, in a common effort converging with the achievement of the game, proved to be a decisive factor for the success of this undertaking.

The massive testing of the developments that were taking place and the continuous validated learning were absolutely vital elements to progress safely towards the final products. In this process, we sought to make the most of all those who worked directly with the Knowledgebiz team, taking into account all their forms of contribution. The superior satisfaction of potential users of the game has always been the main target of our team's attention. Our experience in gamification was particularly favorable in this regard, but no less important was the recommendations of the professionals, specialized in the selection of games, of the casino where our game was integrated. Comments from convenient non-probabilistic samples of users of prototypical versions of the game, especially when they are in agreement with each other, also determined some of the characteristics of their UX / UI environment.

The Results
  • The RNG obtained certification for the national market, given by an international entity recognized by the Portuguese authorities;
  • The slot machine has been certified, by the same international entity, for the national market;
  • The Serviços de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ) of Turismo de Portugal, I.P. approves our slot machine;
  • The slot machine was made available for use in the casino where it was integrated;
  • The first results of using the game place it among the most successful games;
  • Knowledgebiz was responsible for the engineering of the next slot machines to be launched by NEOBIZ Creative Games Studio.
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